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Hailey Footer

Graphic Artist/Owner

I am Hailey Footer, a graphic design artist, world traveler, mother and master of “DIY” projects. I reside in Portland, Oregon now but I have not always called the Beaver state home. I was born in England into a military family that had the opportunity to travel. A lot. I have had an address in New Mexico, Florida, and Washington as well. I find my greatest joy in my son Clayton and bringing ideas to life through graphic design. My passion for visual art was my first love and it led me to graduate with a dual degree in Marketing and Advertising from Portland State University. I am a self-taught graphic designer who helps new and small businesses speak to their audiences through visual art and branding. I am a lover of hiking in the outdoors, dessert, my dog Fenway, and my husband.

Clayton Footer

The Boss Man

I am Clayton Footer, a rambunctious toddler, fast walker and trail explorer. I also reside in Portland, Oregon. Born and raised baby! I enjoy spending time with my puppy, reading books and giving my employee (aka Mama) art direction.  I find my greatest joy in Hot Wheels and testing my limits. My passion for anything my mom is doing is what landed me the role as Boss Man, something I do passionately and take very seriously.


My Design Philosophy

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

There is a balance between form and function. What is beautiful and emotional should also be clear and full of substance. What is simple and clean should also be intricate and inspirational. Impactful graphic design has the ability to express ideas with clarity, brevity and casual elegance.  The message that is intended to be shared is done so with ease. In my work, the message that is shared is yours.


I view graphic design as a means to solving a communication problem. My creativity is the solution to the communication problem of my clients. Graphic design is best utilized as a tool to communicate through art that transcends text, establishing a connection with its viewers.


The exhilaration of graphic design lies in its ability to put life to ideas. The colors, movements and shapes that form our thoughts can be captured and shared with others through the transmission graphic design creates. As your working designer, it is my privilege to bridge the gap between your ideas and your audience. It is my promise to convey the voice and feelings behind your brand directly into the designs I create for you. 

Need help creating your vision?